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Soles for Change, ¡La oportunidad de reconectarme con mis raíces!

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Cuando Diana me contactó para hablarme de su nuevo proyecto de emprendimiento, inmediatamente me enganché. Comencé a ver redes sociales, sus videos, su página web y mi primera impresión fue lo que era un trabajo impecable. Lo que Diana me explicó fue que necesitababan la adaptación de su página web, que para las empresas alpargatas se iban a comenzar a vende

Si, trabajo por sonrisas y tu?

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Cuando me preguntan, “de donde sacas tiempo para trabajar de tiempo completo y tener un negocio paralelo?” siempre respondo, la verdad siempre hay tiempo para hacer lo que uno realmente quiere hacer.

Pero despues viene la segunda pregunta, “pero le dedicas tanto tiempo a Soles For Change para que? Solo para ayudar?” y la respuesta es siempre : Si trabajo por

Soles For Change, las sandalias para la creatividad

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Soles For Change no quieres ser una marca que ofrece a los que la ayudan solamente premios por estar con nosotros, Soles For Change desea dar las herramientas necesarias a la comunidad para tener un futuro, para cambiar su vida y tener todas las oportunidades que puedan en un mundo que cada vez ofrece mas retos.

Y quisimos esta vez ayudar despertar y cultivar la

Family Soles for Change is Giving back

My meaning of Family – My engine for Soles for Change

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Family, my support system, my husband Juan, my mother and father, and my brothers Sergio and Juan Camilo are my family. Without them I wouldn’t be here writing about them. I am forever grateful for everything they do for me and for teaching me the true meaning of life. Life is not the fortune you accumulate. Is the lives you touched, is the people you make s


Colombia from the point of view of a Colombian

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It breaks my heart to see and hear that Colombia is still categorized as a dangerous country. People continue to see us for what we were a generation ago. Colombia is much more than drugs and Pablo Escobar. Although the entertainment industry simply can’t let that go! For those how are stuck with that image of Colombia well….. NEWS FLASH! that was over 20 years a


First Summer for Soles For Change in New York, here we go.

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Summer is the best time of the year for this new New Yorker. It has truly been amazing to witness how the city changes, not only because I get to see flowers, leaves and actual grass! but all of a sudden people start to resurface! I knew New York had plenty of people but where were they for the past 4 months? People I missed you! I miss seeing people with our Soles For Ch

starting business

Starting a Business, something I never though of.

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Starting a business was something I never though I was going to do in my life. Never in my life I thought I was going to start a business at all! But here it is, Soles For Change. Many people ask me why did my brother Juan Camilo Viveros, his wife Carolina Gutierrez and my husband Juan Carlos Rodriguez decided to embark in this journey. The answer is always the same. W

Family Soles for Change is Giving back

Giving back, the key to reach happiness

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It is proven that one way to achieve happiness is to help others by GIVING BACK.

In this world of so much social inequality arise groups that seek to contribute so that this gap is reduced; this is done through projects to help communities.

For example, Soles For Change,  supporting a group of artisans from a region of that country made up of single mothers and s