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Colombia from the point of view of a Colombian

By 14 June, 2017 No Comments

It breaks my heart to see and hear that Colombia is still categorized as a dangerous country. People continue to see us for what we were a generation ago. Colombia is much more than drugs and Pablo Escobar. Although the entertainment industry simply can’t let that go! For those how are stuck with that image of Colombia well….. NEWS FLASH! that was over 20 years ago!! So perhaps it will be a good idea to start creating a new image of us.

Colombians are known for their warm hearts. We are a very friendly culture who is proud of their Coffee, flowers, our awesome athletes such as James Rodriguez, Radamel Falcao, our musicians such as Shakira and Juanes, our noble price winers such as Gabriel Garcia Marquez and our artists such as Fernando Botero. These are just a few (very few) awesome Colombians who makes all Colombians so proud to be born in Colombia.

Colombia is magical. Full of flora and fauna, amazing food, beautiful people and perfect wether. Our cities are full of hard working people; people who want to succeed, people who will never give up, people with good hearts and good values. We are a happy bunch. We have been able to overcome many obstacles, and yes we have a dark past but we have been able to built a nice present and every day we are shaping a colorful future.

Remember us for who we are not for what we were. Get to know us, come visit us! Because the only danger is wanting to stay.

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