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Giving back, the key to reach happiness

Family Soles for Change is Giving back

It is proven that one way to achieve happiness is to help others by GIVING BACK.

In this world of so much social inequality arise groups that seek to contribute so that this gap is reduced; this is done through projects to help communities.

For example, Soles For Change,  supporting a group of artisans from a region of that country made up of single mothers and senior artisans.

Its founders Laura Viveros, Juan Camilo Viveros, Carolina Gutierrez and Juan Carlos Rodríguez base their mission under the Proverb “Give a fish to a man and give him food for one day, teach him to fish and feed him the rest of his life.”

They seek under this premise to give work, but at the same time lead a community to achieve dreams and live better.

With this, the community will be motivated to keep the art of craftsmanship and they will be committed to improve styles and quality of its handmade espadrilles.

Knowing where the help or support is directed in a giving back cause, as in this case the community of artisans, has led to these Colombian entrepreneurs make it personal.

As Laura and Juan Camilo Viveros say, “When you see a smile from our artisans and a warm thank you, it is a reward and a joy for us. It makes us feel more committed to moving forward and achieving more dreams. ”

Get involve in Giving Back.

We can all help and contribute by buying a Soles For Change espadrille that it  is not only a fashionable and comfortable product, but also a giving back cause.

It will lead the buyer to feel proud and will tell the people nearby the social sense behind it.

For sure that will be an important factor in decision making.

As Juan Carlos and Carolina, the other two founders of this great initiative, say:

“When you buy a product the satisfaction is greater when you know who the aid is targeted to as in Soles for Change. “

Soles For Change helps you to achieve personal satisfaction, because helping is a pleasure and generates happiness!

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