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Handmade sandals that fulfill dreams.

By 21 June, 2017 No Comments

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Differentiating a brand of handmade Sandals in the market is almost a feat these days, so many brands, so many designs, so many options … What could we do that differentiates us from everything that already exists?

At that moment came to our mind ONE PAIR MANY WISHES. A phrase that gathered everything we wanted to say and that in one way or another summarizes, now that we can look back, all the way we have traveled and that we will continue walking to make our Dream a reality.  Fulfill the dreams of the artisans in Colombia who make these sandals.

One of our dreams was that famous people, the influencers, the characters who can tell our story to more people, knew us and fall in love with our handmade sandals. And every day that passes we fulfill this dream, today Samantha “Sammi Sweetheart” has joined us, using, enjoying and telling our story in her social networks.

If you do not know Samantha you can follow her on her Instagram @sammisweetheart, a beautiful woman who decided to help us and wear one of our sandal styles for her profile.

Thank you, Samantha, many as you have contributed so that we can fulfill the dreams of our artisans.

What are you waiting for to be one of our SOLEROS and become part of the family SOLES FOR CHANGE buying one of our pairs

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