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My meaning of Family – My engine for Soles for Change

By 14 June, 2017 No Comments
Family Soles for Change is Giving back

Family, my support system, my husband Juan, my mother and father, and my brothers Sergio and Juan Camilo are my family. Without them I wouldn’t be here writing about them. I am forever grateful for everything they do for me and for teaching me the true meaning of life. Life is not the fortune you accumulate. Is the lives you touched, is the people you make smile, is the good deeds towards others. And that is my fortune.

But to me family isn’t just about your close relatives. Is everyone who makes you fell like home. Like you belong to something and that you are truly loved. This is my Soles for Change family. Starting with the artisans who have showed me what working hard means, who have cared for me since day one and who truly worry about me.

They are my heroes. The real super heroes. Then I have my partners, Juan Camilo Viveros, Carolina Gutierrez and Juan Carlos Rodríguez whom without them this project wouldn’t be a reality. We care about each other, we share the same values and thrive to achieve the same goals for our company. Soles For Change is what it is today thanks to them. Then I have my support staff, Alejandro Navia and Patricia Bernal. Exceptional people who share ideas with us, go the extra mile to help us grow and are willing to work the long ours to see this project succeed. We all know it will. We will be even bigger and we will be able to help more and more communities around the world.  All we need is your help!

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