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Company that seeks not to lose the traditional handmade espadrilles in Colombia

fique shoemakers

Although  shoes are an indispensable product for everyone in the world, artisan shoemakers have been increasingly reducing their production.

They feel that their product is not well valued for the manual labor that takes them to do them. This has led to the loss of artisan tradition in some regions of Colombia.

The highest percentage of the few craftsmen remaining in our regions are the elderly. The new generations of young people give up to continue in a sector that is less prized. It takes great work of time and effort to make their products by hand.

This is where groups of entrepreneurs with social sense liek Soles For Change come in to help and generate change with new ideas.

Our group is seeking to highlight the world artisan traditions of many generations of a small town in Santander, Colombia.

Our entrepeneur idea of creating the brand Soles For Change is behind not letting these roots get lost, by showing the world this great work of handmade footwear through their espadrilles.

Juan Camilo Viveros, Laura Viveros, Carolina Gutiérrez and Juan Carlos Rodríguez are the founders. One of our objectives, is to make the world know this great traditional art. Also the great people who come behind one pair of this fashionable shoes.

Juan Camilo Viveros sustains that Soles for Change, wants to highlight materials like the “fique” and the techniques that come from several generations.

Additionally, as a team, we are betting on not letting the great groups of young artisan people, with huge talent, leave behind their ability and history.

For this reasons, as entrepreneurs we are looking for a combination of traditional designs of handmade espadrilles. Focusing in new materials and colors.

We are creating and developing fashionable styles to be more competitive with traditional footwear .

This has led the artisans to come up with ideas. They are constantly calling us with new fabrics that have different designs and more striking colors. It has been enriching to see that change on their part. ”

Soles for Change has as one of its pillars, to recover the interest of the artisans, the shoemakers and not lose a tradition of many years. To give a fashion value to their espadrilles and to enable them to take their products to compete worldwide.

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