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SOLES FOR CHANGE, a company with a social responsability

social soles for change

The world is not going to change only by remaining in criticism of governments and in complaints about the social injustice of developing countries. People have to be aware and act, and this is happening in Colombia with a great contribution that is making a company with social sense and responsability called Soles For Change.

This great entrepeneurs seek to improve the quality of life of a sector of the population that has been forgotten: the Artisans. This team is showing the world their great fashion sandals with new designs using local typical materials of the regions.

This entrepreneurial initiative created by Colombians Juan Camilo Viveros, Laura Viveros, Carolina Gutiérrez and Juan Carlos Rodríguez has changed lives and fulfilled dreams for a group of artisans from a town in the region of Santander, Colombia. As one of its founders Juan Camilo Viveros says, “the Government has no tools to reach all corners of the country, and if we with our company can help and we can generate employment, fulfill the dreams of elderly craftsmen and contribute to improve the educational level of a population, why not do it? The satisfaction that is felt is enormous. “These Colombians are combining their vision of social sense with their entrepreneurial capacity to carry out a great project that is giving back and bringing many smiles.

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