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Starting a Business, something I never though of.

By 14 June, 2017 No Comments
starting business

Starting a business was something I never though I was going to do in my life. Never in my life I thought I was going to start a business at all! But here it is, Soles For Change. Many people ask me why did my brother Juan Camilo Viveros, his wife Carolina Gutierrez and my husband Juan Carlos Rodriguez decided to embark in this journey. The answer is always the same. We want to help others.

I have been very fortunate in life. I have had great opportunities, opportunities that very few people could have ever dreamed of. Those experiences gave me knowledge and conscience of what I have and what many don’t. As I grew older I began to understand the inequality among my country men so I was determined to build something sustainable to at least contribute a grain of sand to reduce that gap.

Although Soles For Change is such a young company, I believe it is achieving just that. We are giving hope and opportunities to a group of people who without our help could have never thought of fulfilling their dreams or provide a better quality of life for their family. But it is hard work.

Starting a business is not easy, but again nothing worth it is. Working a full time job, having a family life, plus dedicating more than 40 hours a week to Soles For Change its a lot to have in one’s plate. But I do it from my heart because I know that the more I work the more lives I will change and the more all this hard work will pay off. Its tiring but worth it.

For those who want to start a business and say they don’t have time…. You will always find time for the things you truly want to do. We can all make a difference!

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