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ESPADRILLES FOR MEN, the best option in the summer


Summer, the most waited time of the year for everyone. Time where people go on vacation and enjoy quality time with their family and friends.

It is the best time of the year to be relaxed and above all very comfortable, leaving aside the use of socks that tighten and warm the feet.

Few men prepare themselves for Summer as women do for these season.

However this trend has been changing and many are including in their closets comfortable clothes such as footwear.

In this case is becoming very fashionable and is generating trend among the most famous artists in the United States to have one or more pairs of fashion and modern espadrilles.

That is why our company Soles for Change, of Colombian entrepreneurs, is revolutionizing this trend with our espadrilles designs.

We are making them of canvas material with a sole of the foot made of Fique; it  generates a sensation of constant massage and comfort.

This sandalas are perfect for the beach, going to the pool and specially to use in boats for its rubber outsole that helps prevent slipping.

Men are buying our styles when they see that this espadrilles do not weight, they can be stored easily in a bag or suitcase, they do not occupy space in the closet and above all, they are perfect to drive a car.

Modern men are looking for a pair of footwear that can be combined with all kinds of clothes, that are easy to wash and that are a complement for any activity they wish to do.

As Juan Camilo Viveros, one of the cofounders of the brand Soles For Change and inspirer for the creation of designs that they sell for men, says: “It is the clothing item that men are always looking to have in their closet during the Summer.

We focus on creating very comfortable single-tone or striped espadrilles that can be combined with all types of clothing for all occasions as it is with Jeans, shorts, light clothing and khaki pants among others.

We seek that men uses them for casual events but at the same time for all kind of activities.”

This type of handmade footwear has become the best option in the summer for men because they are not only comfortable and trendy but also do not generate any bad odor on their feet or generate any blisters.

It is the best shoe to have in the summer.
Do not forget to have one in your closet!!!

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