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First Summer for Soles For Change in New York, here we go.

By 14 June, 2017 No Comments

Summer is the best time of the year for this new New Yorker. It has truly been amazing to witness how the city changes, not only because I get to see flowers, leaves and actual grass! but all of a sudden people start to resurface! I knew New York had plenty of people but where were they for the past 4 months? People I missed you! I miss seeing people with our Soles For Change walking on the streets!

And with summer and people, Soles For Change resurface. Although SFC has adapted to the changing seasons, (the original espadrille was built for warm weather) knowing we can go back to our roots makes us very excited! At the beginning all of our styles where open back and very very colorful. Today we are proud to say we are carrying styles for every season! Last winter we introduced our Guajira and Mompox collections, a close back espadrille with more neutral colors. Those collections have been such a success! And for this summer our Tayrona and Zipa collection for Men (yes we carry men now!) are attracting a lot of attention. We have at least 150 people who have pre-order them on our website so that for me is a success!

I cant wait to see again women on the streets of New York wearing my Soles For Change. Our company has grown so much so fast that it is still new to me. To see our shoes on the streets of new York? A year ago I would have never dreamed of it.  I am so proud of everything we have accomplished and to see our styles in magazines, news papers, Instagram, TV, is a dream come true. Our artisans are also aware of the fame they are having and their excitement makes my work so worth it!

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