It all started with a trip to our beautiful Colombia. After living abroad in Australia and the United States for over 16 years we realized we had never actually seen what Colombia had to offer.

We decided then to pack our bags and bring our family along to explore Santander Colombia. All our family was very excited as well for this trip. We started in Bucaramanga and some of the locals told us we had to see Barichara and its surroundings.

We took a bus there and 3 hours later we were in the most amazing place we have ever seen. The people, the scenery, the food, all perfect. We greeted the locals who were very proud of what they did and showed us all their handmade products. We knew right then and there we had to show the world their handwork with fique and other artisanal materials. My brother Juan Camilo Viveros and his wife Carolina Gutierrez, my husband Juan Carlos Rodriguez and myself Laura Viveros after seeing their products decided to form what it is now Soles For Change!

Their life stories are impressive, it was a life changing experience for us and we hope we can bring their products from their hands to yours.

The town of Barichara is a beautiful representation of the colonial era. Barichara is surely the most beautiful town of Colombia.